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The compact and expandable SLS system.


With the Sintratec S2, the scalable compact system, you can turn your ideas into reality within a short period of time, layer by layer, at high speed. The modular SLS production system can be expanded as needed, and adapts perfectly to your needs. Harness previously unimagined potential in professional prototyping and optimize your applications.

The processes of material preparation, printing and depowdering are integrated in a closed and semi-automatic system, which is unique in the field of selective laser sintering.


The Sintratec S2, the all-in-one solution, allows you to minimize downtimes and benefit from cost-effective operation. You can carry out a material change within a short period of time and tedious cleaning processes are a thing of the past.

The selective laser sintering system consists of the Laser Sintering Station (LSS), the Material Core Unit (MCU) and the Material Handling Station (MHS). Together these modules make up a uniquely self-contained process system for additive manufacturing.

Once high-quality SLS printing in the Sintering Station is completed, the printed objects are then conveniently and cleanly depowdered in the Handling Station. The ingenious Material Core Unit allows you to easily switch from one print material to another and reduce downtimes. Thanks to the modular system design you can expand your SLS machinery as needed.

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