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This compact 3D printer is the perfect solution for makers who want to start with 3D printing on a premium level. This lightweight Ultimaker 2 Go offers a high-quality product with a friendly interface which makes it an ideal starter machine for new users. Through it’s slimmed design, together with its dedicated portable packaging, it is the perfect 3D printer for the maker on-the-go and allows people to use it easily in different contexts. Because of its compact design and allowing a quick start the Ultimaker 2 Go is not equipped with a heated bed. You can now start your print even faster.


FeaturesLayer resolution:


up to 20 micron


Build volume: 


12(X) x 12(Y) x 11.5(Z) cm *(refer to the note below on build volume)


Position precision :


X 12.5 / Y 12.5 / Z 5 micron


Print head travel speed:


30 - 300 mm/s


Recommended filament diameter:


2.85 mm


Nozzle diameter:


0.4 mm


Stand-alone SD-card printing


Glass Printbed (not-heated)


*Note on build volume:


The X and Y dimensions specified are representative of the maximum size you can print in the X and Y directions. It is not possible to print a cube of the specified build volume as you have to take into account clearances for the four retainer clips of the glass print bed. Other factors/ software settings including the use of skirt and brim will also reduce the overall build volume. Please kindly contact us if you have any questions regarding the build volume.




12 Months


* PTFE Coupler and Print Head Nozzle are consumable parts that will wear over time and are not covered under warranty. The frequency of replacement required for the PTFE Coupler or the Print Head Nozzle depends on the amount of usage and the types of filament used. Please kindly contact us if you need more information.


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