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Ultimaker Essentials

3D printing software that's built for business

Scale the benefits of 3D printing across your organization with a software subscription that empowers designers and engineers, but that's dedicated to enterprise stability and control.


 Make managing 3D printing across your organization easy

Manage and optimize 3D printing activity

When it comes to who can 3D print – you decide. Via the organization management page, Ultimaker Essentials lets admins invite users, give them admin rights, or remove 3D printing access entirely.

Keep your infrastructure rock-solid

More confidence in your 3D printing workflows means less to worry about for you and your business.


Here's how Ultimaker Essentials helps:

  • Every release of Ultimaker Cura Enterprise is independently tested for security

  • A firmware firewall increases your 3D printer's security by allowing only cloud traffic from Ultimaker Digital Factory

  • The managed Marketplace shows only verified plugins

  • Admins gain access to centrally managed software provision and support

Enjoy 3D printing with fewer disruptions

We know that for businesses using 3D printing, productivity is everything.

Ultimaker Essentials offers up to 6-hour ticket response times and 24-hour support coverage for your software.


Because every business is different, you can choose from three service levels tailored to your needs.

Build a team of
3D printing experts

Empower your team with minimal effort.


The Ultimaker 3D Printing Academy lets you train and certify your team members for any role required, fluidly moving through a series of leveled online courses created by experts, for everyone.

The world's best 3D printing software – now ready for business

Ultimaker Cura Enterprise
Ultimaker Cura

The simplest and most seamless print preparation experience is now packaged for business.


Designed to meet your IT department's expectations, distribute a tested, stable, and more secure slicing application to anywhere employees need to work – with reduced risk to your infrastructure.


Features include:

  • Intent profiles print specific applications at the click of a button

  • Recommended profiles tested for thousands of hours ensure reliable results

  • ‘Custom mode’ gives over 400 settings for granular control

Packaged for systems management

As part of your subscription, Ultimaker Cura Enterprise is downloadable in .MSI format, so you or IT can distribute, configure, and manage access across multiple platforms.


Only stable,
tested updates

Ultimaker Cura Enterprise receives two updates a year.


These are thoroughly tested by our community and ensure the most stable desktop application for the highest levels of continuity. We support updates for 12 months after release (including security patches and bug fixes).

Continuous security improvements

Each release of Ultimaker Cura Enterprise is independently scanned, tested, and analyzed for vulnerabilites.


We publish a summary of that report for Ultimaker Essentials customers and we commit to continuously improving security.

Cura Stable software.png

Take control of your full
3D printing workflow

Ultimaker Digital Factory
Start 3D printing from anywhere in the world

Whether you're working from home or in the office, send secure print jobs via the cloud to Ultimaker 3D printers on your network.


Then stay informed of print progress thanks to remote device monitoring.

Production strength
in numbers

Set up multiple printers based on your workflow. See an overview of printers, material configurations, print jobs, and firmware versions for easy printer management.

For extra security, the firmware firewall lets you allow only cloud traffic from Ultimaker Digital Factory and block uncontrolled access via the local network (coming late 2020).


This reduces the chance of malicious activity or eavesdropping.

Optimize 3D printing efficiency with teams sharing

Manage and share your 3D printers among teams within your business, all with granular control.


By controlling who has access to 3D printing resources, you can help teams to optimize their production.


For added security, you cannot share printers outside your organization.

Make your printers
work harder

Schedule print jobs from a centralized queue for maximum production uptime.


Stay informed on print progress, printer status, and reprint from the job history to avoid re-slicing.

A tailor-made 3D printing workflow

Ultimaker Marketplace
Secure and verified plugins only

With the managed Ultimaker Marketplace, users can download plugins to improve their

3D printing workflow.


But only verified plugins are available – to increase infrastructure stability and security.


This includes plugins exclusive to Ultimaker Essentials subscribers – such as Teton Simulation's Smart Slice.

Indirect plugin installation restricted

Verified plugin installation can only happen through the Marketplace.


Installing unofficial and unverified plugins indirectly is restricted for increased protection and your IT department's peace of mind.

E-learning and support for
3D printing success

Service and Learning
Direct support and troubleshooting

If you need assistance, simply log a ticket with our Ultimaker Essentials helpdesk.


Get help via email from an Ultimaker technician whenever you need to troubleshoot software-related issues.

Choose from three direct support levels. So now you can receive up to 6-hour response times and 24-hour support coverage.

(With Advanced subscription only – see the table below for full details.)

Maximize the value of 3D printing within your organization​

The Ultimaker 3D Printing Academy is a flexible learning platform that teaches you the ins and outs of 3D printing, spotlighting its value – whenever, wherever.


Courses created by Ultimaker's experts enable you to train your users with leveled, role-specific certifications, ensuring your organization is using 3D printing technology to maximum effect.

 Set innovation free in your business

Adopt enterprise
grade software
Now you can empower everyone to 3D print at work.

Share access to software that not only boosts 3D printing innovation, but that's also built based on our commitment to your security.
Accelerate growth
Ultimaker Essentials means you
can now 3D print where you couldn't before.

Even in regulated business environments, empower more people to innovate faster with a seamless 3D printing workflow – even if they are working from home.
E-learning and support for your success
Documentation, e-learning, or direct support – we're here to help get your organization up and running with a stable, easy-to-use 3D printing platform that works for you.
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